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Stalflex Rack Case 19" 3U 180 mm White (CR19-3U-180-W)

RACK case 19" 3U 180mm, White

Марка: Stalflex
Артикул: CR19-3U-180-W
EAN/UPC: 5903351261807
$ 60.76
$ 59.48
Заказ более $ 500.00
$ 58.18
Заказ более $ 1,000.00
$ 56.89
Заказ более $ 5,000.00
$ 55.60
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На складе - 4 шт
На складе - 4 шт

RACK case 19" 3U 180 mm, white

The vertical RACK housing allows assembling the devices in the RACK standard with a maximum depth of 350 mm, while taking up little space.

Installation and operation of devices in a new type of RACK housing is trouble-free and extremely easy. The housing door opens from the top down at an angle of 90 degrees. For this reason, we get full opening and unlimited access to the devices.

Special cylinders, mounted in the housing, slow down the opening of the housing door. Such a solution causes the fact that the risk of damage to the assembled equipment is minimised and the comfort of use is significantly increased.

Broken cable glands were designed in the back of the housing. They allow breaking the appropriate ribs, which will make it easier to lead in and lead out cables.

The door is closed with a patent lock (included with a set of two keys).

The holes in the back of the housing allow it to be hung with wall plugs.

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Stalflex Rack Case 19" 3U 180 mm White (CR19-3U-180-W)
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